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Amazon.com - These are by far the best peanuts I've ever eaten. Now believe me, I know what you're thinking. "These peanuts are more expensive than a normal big bag of peanuts I buy at the store." I used to be just as ignorant, until I tried D's Nuts. This company has a fantastic product that is worth the little extra. Not only that though, they donate 10% of all proceeds to testicular cancer research. What is not to love about them? Sadly I don't get paid in peanuts to sponsor them, but I would in a heartbeat if I was ever offered.
Amazon.com - Gotta love the name! They're really tasty, too! These definitely beat your average grocery store peanuts. AND 10% of their earnings go to testicular cancer research. How awesome! They need to make some spicy ones next.
Amazon.com - We have enjoyed the in-shell peanuts for a few years. The quality of the nut beats any I've had. They are fresh, crunchy and each nut is larger than what is offered elsewhere. I just tried the un-shelled nuts just recently offered by D's Nuts and all I can say is Look Out Planters! These are the nuts I'll offer my guests from now on ( and keep a sack or 2 for myself)! Great to know these nuts are good for mine and that these folks are helping men by contributing to male cancer research. Thanks D's Nuts - love the nuts and your attitude!
Amazon.com - Sent as a father's day gift through my prime account, my dad loves ballpark style peanuts, and I like to send little original gifts. The bag is HUGE, I think a fantastic unique affordable gift- The potato- like sack packaging is neat and I would order again as a gift.
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